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Make a positive impact on your practice and community by getting connected to patients in need. MindLinx is the easy way to get referral patients on your schedule.

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MindLinx is a San Antonio based non-profit on a mission to empower individuals in search of mental health professionals.

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Signing up for MindLinx is easy! Send us an email, or visit the application to get started. Once you reach out, a MindLinx representative will get in touch!

Set Availability

Once you're onboard, setting your schedule is straightforward! Log onto the application, and set up times that you would like to see referral patients from MindLinx. Anytime that works for you works for us!

Get Connected

After setting up your availability, MindLinx will let you know when you have a new referral connection available by sending you a timely notification through your preferred communication method.

Spread The Message

We're so glad to have you as part of the MindLinx Community! Let's be the difference by spreading the message and sharing the platform with friends and family. Everyone deserves to get connected to mental health fast.

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MindLinx was built with care for professionals like you, by professionals like you. Schedule a demo today and learn how MindLinx can grow your practice and make a positive impact on your community.

We can't wait to have you onboard.

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